Linda Gass

  • Sanitary?
  • Refined?
  • Treatment?
  • Fields of Salt
  • After the Gold Rush
  • Puzzle of Salt
  • Wetlands Dream
  • Rivulet at Parker Creek
  • Intervention at Bishop Tuff
  • Dry Lakebed Zig Zag

I explore land use and water issues in the American West through my artwork. I blend painting and textile techniques to create highly textured aerial landscapes showing the human marks on the land that affect our water resources in some way, ranging from water scarcity to water quality. Each work is inspired and informed by the landscape, history of the site, maps and aerial photographs.

My artwork combines my environmental activism for sustainable water management and the aesthetics of art making. Growing up in Los Angeles during the drought years made me aware of the preciousness of water and that realization has turned into a passion for raising the public’s awareness about water resources through art.

I deliberately work in textiles with the intention to reach as many people as possible with the issues expressed in my work. Textiles are an unintimidating medium; people feel a familiarity and comfort with fabric since it plays such an integral and basic part in our lives.

I use the <em>lure of beauty</em> to both encourage people to look at the hard environmental issues we face and to give them hope. My paintings are done on silk, a naturally beautiful surface, and I gravitate towards luminous, saturated colors, giving my work an optimistic feeling. Although many of the landscapes I depict are ugly in reality, my landscapes are beautified as I prefer to engage the viewer through pleasure. I’m trying to create an attitude shift from feeling overwhelmed by the magnitude of the problems to feeling inspired and empowered to take action through the experience of art.

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