Reiko Goto

Reiko Goto has sustained a creative inquiry that is concerned with empathic relationships with living things for over twenty years. Recognized for her approach to environmental art and research, Reiko is an artist, a designer and author. She is a principal in the Collins & Goto Studio in Glasgow Scotland. Reiko Goto has extensive and diverse life experience, beginning with her role as an artist working with physicists at the School of the Exploratorium in San Francisco California. From there she went on to a role as associate professor of art, then a full time research fellow, within the STUDIO for Creative Inquiry, at Carnegie Mellon University, where she spent ten years thinking about art, aesthetics and planning working with soil scientists and botanists. Having moved to the UK in 2008 Goto decided to return to university as doctoral candidate to consider the role of empathy in art making, particularly in relation to artists working with trees. She developed a sculptural approach to the physiological response of trees to changes in atmospheric composition, with a specific focus on photosynthesis.

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