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  • "Timescale" 2008 Photo - Trevor Smith. In the snow at night
  • "Timescale" 2008. Photo -Trevor Smith. L.50m x W.30m x H.4m. Varnished blue slate, brass discs and lamps, Cor-ten steel arch, Whinstone gravel, magnesium limestone boulders and dust to be planted with heritage plants. Commissioned by Kelloe Community Partnership in conjunction with Durham County Council for the site adjacent to the colliery which closed in 1983 to reference the village’s heritage but also its aspirations for the future.
  • "Saver>Screens" 2008 Plastic bags, powder coated black and silver steel and photos. Ht 2.25m x Dia. 2.5m Commissioned by the Co-operative Financial services for the CIS Building in Manchester as part of their internal campaign to raise issues on re-using plastic bags and protecting the environment.
  • "The Chain and the Wheel" 1994-2003. 600m x 70m x 14m. Avon Ring Road, Bristol. Spoil, paths, trees, shrubs, wld fopwers, grass, designed wooden benches. Commisioned by South Gloucestershire Council and originally Sustrans as it forms part of the Bristol to Bath Cycleway.
  • "The Festival Labyrinth" 2009. Lorna Green and Jeff Teasdale designed the sculpture which was commissioned by and for the Bollington Festival 2009 on the Middlewood Way off Grimshaw Lane, and also serves as a memorial to Dr John Coope and the previous festivals he inspired. The labyrinth is constructed with local Kerridge boulders and crushed stone and has been planted with 9 grasses to eventually form a wall between the boulders. Workshops to create labyrinths were undertaken in 6 local primary schools in their school grounds-most will be permanent – as part of this commission funded mainly by the National Lottery Arts for All Awards.
  • "Look, Reflect and Recover" 2. 2005 Glass beads, stainless steel, glass chippings, aluminium, Limestone, enamel paints, lacquer, glitter and neon lights. Commissioned by Gateshead NHS Trust for the North East NHS Surgery Centre at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital. The aim was to create a calm space for patients and staff with the illusion of fountains, pools and rivers.
  • "Look, Reflect and Recover". At night
  • "Verso l'Inizio" - Towards the Beginning. 2008 with Carlotta Brunetti. 100m x 30m x 4m Hay, string and willow tree The dead hay rises up and over the river into the the tree of life, the willow to be regenerated. For “Humus Park” International Land Art Meeting in Pordenone, Italy.
  • "Spring, Summer and Autumn" 2. 2008. Commissioned by Cheshire County Council for “Something Beautiful” at Tatton Park, Knutsford as part of Cheshire’s Year of Gardens 2008” The installations are about the life cycle of the deer in the park using fallen branches to represent the antlers, painted in the colours of the leaves from the yellows of spring, the greens of summer, to the reds and oranges of autumn – birth to death of both leaves and deer.
  • "The Chain and the Wheel" 1994-2003. MultiMap image

I work mainly in public art/environmental projects, functional earthworks and sculptures, the redesign of landfill sites – in both urban and rural landscapes, indoors and outdoors, permanent, temporary, large and small scale in the UK and widely overseas. My sculpture is site specific in that it relates to the sites, considering the history, economy, landscape or mythology of the area. Materials utilised are pertinent to the project – wood, stone, earth, planting, bricks, steel, cement, bronze, water, glass, plastics, light, snow, hay, polyester flowers etc.

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