Beth Grossman

Beth Grossman is a socio-political artist, who sees the visual as a way to create community dialog. Her art is a comfortable point of entry into the ongoing dialog about ‘correct’ history, the life-shaping force of religion and the power of social beliefs. The artist takes creative liberty with these charged topics and makes them accessible with beauty and humor. By shifting the context of familiar objects, words and images, she opens them up for fresh examinations that are by turn playful, stimulating and thought provoking.

Grossman’s search for simple truths in collective memory has led her to illuminate personal stories. For her, art is not a thing, but a way to communicate. It is the importance of that dialogue that her artworks, public projects and events are intended to foster.

Based in San Francisco, Grossman has collaborated internationally with individuals, communities, corporations, non-profits and museums. She uses art as a creative force to stimulate conversation and focus attention on the environment, history and civic engagement – all aimed at raising awareness, building community and encouraging public participation.

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    • Brisbane, CA
      US - Pacific

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