Hagit Cohen

  • Acid Rain - 4 Red Flowers
  • Acid Rain - Morning Glory
  • Acid Rain - 3 Orange Bulbs
  • Acid Rain - Dark Moss
  • Chestnut Pod, Washington
  • Poppy Seed pod, California
  • Monkey's Comb pod, Ecuador
  • Bottle tree Pod, South Africa
  • Japanese Maple Pod, Colorad
  • Erodium Seeds-5 seeds
  • White Canvas with Green Leaves

My work seeks to fosters an awareness of the interconnectedness between ourselves and the natural world. My large-scale images of seed pods, bark and other overlooked natural objects give them a surprising agency. I want to show that even the most fragile elements in nature can take center stage and hold power in the campaign for the survival of life on the planet.

I create site specific installations that evoke a ritual experience in the viewer. They capture the interchange of human creativity and nature’s expression. My intention is to provide a contemplative space that promotes an awareness shift in the audience toward the sacredness of nature.

My art practice includes walking outdoors, looking, finding, and photographing elements of nature that present themselves to me. My process is intuitive as I capture what attracts my attention. With time, I narrow my selection to reveal the narrative the selected images hold. This process sparks my imagination toward the creation of the experience I wish to convey in my installation work.

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    • Berkeley, CA
      US - Pacific
    • 510 528-0066

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