Hagit Cohen

  • Acid Rain - 4 Red Flowers
  • Acid Rain - Morning Glory
  • Acid Rain - 3 Orange Bulbs
  • Acid Rain - Steep Ravine
  • Acid Rain - Rust
  • Acid Rain - Rose Petals
  • Acid Rain - Dark Moss
  • Acid Rain - Lupin
  • Acid Rain - Chrysanthemum
  • Chestnut Pod, Washington
  • Poppy Seed pod, California
  • Monkey's Comb pod, Ecuador

I apply the technical precision and vigor of digital photography to the shamanic rituals of my daily life. I treat shamanism and photography as contiguous: both operate in the liminal space between the visible and the invisible, making manifest what’s beyond our senses. The smallest plant seeds and pods, gathered from dust on East Bay trails and elsewhere, take center stage, become transformed, and are endowed with new powers in my minimalist prints.

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    • 829 Mendocino Ave
    • Berkeley CA 94707
    • 510 528-0066

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