Vijali Hamilton

I am a visionary earth artist, founding director of Earth Mandala, Global Peace Through The Arts, an artistic forum for global understanding. By working through the arts with community creating environmental stone sculpture and ritual theatre, we address the people’s deepest spiritual, personal, social and ecological concerns. The countries circle the planet activating an awareness of the inter-relatedness of all life.

Ahcilli Pachacamac, an Earth Mandala Project in the Andes of Ecuador involved supporting the Otavio people and culture by carving their ancient deity and starting an Andean school for their children that will support  their culture and philosophy. This begins a second Earth Mandala circling the planet through Brazil, Nigeria, Somalia, India, Australia, South Pacific Ocean, Kiribati, culminating in California. This mandala is a prayer that our children can enter a healthy world, free of war, a sustainable biosphere, with healthy bodies, minds and spirit.

Contact me for exhibitions, teaching, lectures, workshops, retreats, and  performances.

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    • Castle Valley, UT
      US - Pacific

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