Judith Hallbeck-Meyeraan

  • "Refugees" 15x22 All images transparent watercolor Best of Show juried exhibition (j/e)
  • "Reflections" 16x20 (j/e)
  • "Grief" 11x15" Best of Show (j/e)
  • "Monarch" 10x20 (j/e)
  • "Untended" 16x20" (j/e)
  • "Minnesota Wild" 14x18" (j/e)
  • "Survivor ll" 22x18" Honorable Mention (j/e)
  • "A Man and a Woman" 11x15"
  • "Midas Touch" 20x24 (j/e)

Commercial illustrator and fine artist for over 50 years, specializing in transparent watercolor medium. My artwork always makes a statement; it is my social life as well as my profession.

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  • Artist Info

    • Big Lake, MN
      US - Midwest
    • 763-263-3848

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