Hilde Aga Brun

  • I am a weaving. Woven from spirit and matter. Pastel
  • Huldra´s nest. Land-Art in the west coast of Norway
  • Home. Pastel
  • Dandelion mother. from the series "earth-mothers". (life-givers)
  • Ants. From the series "earth-mothers". (life-givers)

Visual artist and author, working foremost in pastel and with landart.
Through my work I aspire to help raise consciousness of our ecosystem, the web of life. Strengthen our link to our life-source nature and our awareness of nature´s crucial and present role also in our own existence. That all life forms has their unique place and worth. To raise awareness around our responsibility and cocreation of the web of life.

My work includes the series “earth-mothers”, “in source”, “the web of life” and “kiss of life”. From the last 13 years. Though my nature related artwork started early on, in the 80´s.
I have had solo exhibitions, installations and projects, workshops in nature and participated in collective exhibitions in several countries, related to art and the environment.

I have been working for nature/animals idealistically since the mid 80´s, part of creating the first animal rights org. in norway, Noah in 89, but I came to that I can reach the furthest with raising consciousness of our environment, biodiversity, ecosystem, through my art.

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