Helen Klebesadel

  • Sacred Grove Triptych, 40x90
  • Butterfly Effect: Lupine and Common Milkweed, watercolor on paper, 24x22
  • Prairie III, watercolor on paper, 30x40
  • Prairie Grasses, watercolor on paper, 30x40
  • Prairie Fire Renewal, watercolor on paper, 22x30
  • Disappearing Prairie I, watercolor on paper, 40x30
  • Earth Element: Droughts, watercolor on canvas, 40x30
  • Water Element:Multipler Day Precipitation Events, watercolor on canvas, 40x30
  • Fire Element: Forests Burning, watercolor on canvas, 40x30
  • Air Element: Storms, watercolor on canvas, 40x30

Helen Klebesadel is an artist, an educator, and an activist. Born and raised in rural Wisconsin, her art is the place where she uses visual thinking to explore how we learn our deepest values. Klebesadel is best known for her large-scale, richly detailed watercolors with environmental and women centered themes.

“My visual concerns run the gamut from careful study to poetic, symbolic and sometimes political representations of nature and human nature.  My transparent watercolors, on paper and canvas, push the traditional boundaries of the medium in scale, content, and technique. I start with detailed drawings and developing the images with layer upon layer of color washes and dry brush technique mixed with occasional areas of wet-into-wet spontaneity. My current artworks celebrate the awesome power and beauty of nature and remind that what we do to the earth we do to ourselves.  Everything is connected.”

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    • Madison, WI
      US - Midwest
    • 6083455802

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