Nancy Holt

I have pioneered public art (since the 1960’s) both in the United States and abroad. Among my numerous public art projects are Sun Tunnels in the Utah desert, Dark Star Park in Arlington, VA; Catch Basin in Toronto, Canada; and Sole Source in Dublin, Ireland.

My sculptures emerge out of the environment and are intimately connected to the topography, psychology and history of each place. The artworks of concrete, brick, stonemasonry, earth and/or steel draw viewers inside, surrounding and enclosing them, while creating a sense of expansiveness through layers of openings and tunnels. Perception and space are key concerns.

Ecological issues also play an essential role in certain projects such as Sky Mound, a proposal for reclaiming a 57 acre New Jersey landfill as a park/artwork and Up and Under which will transform a sand quarry in Finland, bringing it back to the people.


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