Ioana Urma

  • This contextual, interactive art installation takes the idea of the border, represented by a chain link fence, and turns it into a zone of habitation and celebration. The fabric decorating the fence is in the colors of flowers found in the El Paso desert landscape.
  • "Freedom of Information, v1.0 Boston, history, unfiltered" site-specific installation commenting on our trust of the internet for learning.
  • The humorously critical project offered people an opportunity to compare themselves to the supermodel silhouette: face to to face in the imaginary impression of a mirror, or at real physical scale.
  • This interactive, site-specific project is a comment on how we - constantly attached to mobile devices - neglect to observe the environment around us. Like ostriches, we willingly trap our heads, minds, and imagination in a fantasy world that is detached from reality.
  • "How Things Work" 17'x20' educational mural for science and engineering K-8 non-profit studio learning space.
  • "Laundry Peace (Media War)" public art protest against the media coverage (and war as a tool for peace) of the 1999 NATO war on Yugoslavia.
  • Cemetery across the San Diego / Tijuana border that highlights the artificiality of the borderline.
  • "Left Right (Solemnly We March)" political T-shirt on the useless bi-partisan march.
  • "The Smallness of Man" philosophical land art proposal for a CA nature preserve reinforces the place of man in greater Nature.
  • "Caricat-ura" Electronically distributed effigy art to commemorate the 20th anniversary of the fall of communism in Romania.
  • Wrigley Village (Long Beach) street banners (5) and murals (12) on the history of place, on the local flora, and on bike riding.
  • "" Website with downloadable art established to promote the flushing of toilets in public spaces.
  • Bike Rack for a Recording (Music) Town. Shaped like a record, the bike rack bears the colors of and a mundane fact on a music celebrity.

I am an artist and LEED AP (green/sustainability) California registered architect with degrees from MIT and Cornell University (studying interior design, architecture, & urban/landscape design).

I believe the principal place for art is the public realm, public space, and as such have devoted most of my artistic endeavors toward public art projects, such as murals and installations. To date most of these have had an educational, and sometimes also ecological, component. More recently, my art projects have undertaken a more socio-critical direction.

As an architect, I have worked on and designed projects ranging in scale from small modern residential up to 2km long complex urban infills, and individually managed the design/implementation of built projects up to $11,000,000.

I have taught design and architecture at Art Center College of Design, Otis College of Art & Design, Roger Williams University, and Boston Architectural College. I have served as invited juror on reviews at MIT, Harvard, RISD, CalPoly Pomona, Woodbury, Art Center, Otis, Wentworth, Roger Williams, and BAC. I have lectured on design topics at USC AME, BAC, Jerde and Otis.

My art/design has won an international design competition, been a semi-finalist in an NSF competition, and has been featured on TV in the news, in commercials, on Top Chef Masters, Weeds, and Warehouse13.

Born in Romania, I emigrated to LA as a child and moved to Boston as a teen. I have also lived in Denmark, Germany, North Carolina, and Princeton.

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