Basia Irland

  • Repository/Backpack for A Gathering of Waters: Nisqually River, Source to Sound. Washington State. Cedar. Contains maps, hydrology reports, photographs, Logbook, Canteen, participant gifts 2009.
  • Repository/Backpack for A Gathering of Waters: Boulder Creek: Continental Divide to Confluence. Recycled truck inner-tubes. Contains maps, hydrology reports, photographs, Logbook, Canteen, participant gifts. 2007.
  • Installing Desert Fountain at Albuquerque Museum, which only works when there has been rain, thereby avoiding using groundwater and making visible the desert ecosystem. 2000.
  • Salmon River Night Sky. Carved wooden Salmon River Night Sky: book, salmon bones, estuary sand, salt. 2002.
  • Dam Book One: Carved wooden book, earth from site, copper. 2002.
  • Tome I Boulder Creek; Colorado. 250-pounds of ice. Seeds from Mountain Maple, Columbine flower, Blue Spruce. 2007
  • Book XXXI Rio Grande, New Mexico. Mountain Mahogany, (Cercocarpus montanus). 2009. Carved ice with Mountain Mahogany seed text.
  • Cleo reading cottonwood seed sentences on Tome II, Rio Grande. 2009. 300 pounds of carved ice. Photo; Claire Long
  • Installation of ice book photographs, video monitor, and trough into which ice book melted. 2010
  • Dracunculus Medinensis (Guinea Worm) Scroll II. Adalaj stepwell, Gujarat, India. 2005.

Basia Irland is a sculptor and installation artist, a poet and book artist, and an activist in water issues. She is Professor Emerita, Department of Art and Art History, University of New Mexico, where she established the Arts and Ecology Program. In 2009 Basia had five solo exhibitions, four group shows, and a cinema screening of her eight video documentaries. She had images of her work included in Art in America, the Los Angeles Times, and the San Francisco Examiner. Irland was the first artist honored for her work with the environment by the New Mexico Wilderness Alliance and the Bureau of Land Management. A Harville Award from Evergreen College brought her to Olympia, Washington four times to work across disciplines on projects focused on the Nisqually watershed. In 2010 she will lecture at Stanford University, and the University of California, Davis (sponsored by seven centers, institutes, and departments), and present a weeklong workshop at the University of West Virginia focusing on the pollution of that state’s watersheds. She is invited to participate in the international think tank, Foundation for the Future, Bellevue, Washington.

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