Jacki Apple

  • The Culture of Disappearance series installations.
  • The Culture of Disappearance series installations.
  • From Fossils series.2000-2001 Color photo transparencies on marble Standing stones. Shadow imprint, two-sided.
  • A Stones Throw …The Last Witnesses- site specific installation. 8 miniature “ruins" of stones from site with embedded color photos. 2001
  • In The Gully: Meditations on Water- site-specific installation 2009. A “stream” of photos and texts set into five land formations, with signage. #1 Gulch.
  • You Don’t Need A Weatherman photo series 1997-1999
  • ghost.dances/on the event horizon photo series 1996-2000
  • ghost.dances/on the event horizon photo series. Color photography (no photoshop) 1996-2000

JACKI APPLE is an interdisciplinary visual, performance, and media artist, writer, audio composer, curator and educator whose work has been performed, exhibited, broadcast, and published internationally for five decades. Her work has encompassed multi-media installations, interdisciplinary performance, photography, audio, radio, film, artists books, conceptual works, site specific works, and public art projects, with experimental narrative as a central component. Apple’s interest in archaeology, theoretical physics, environmental issues, Buddhism, dance, cinema, and the politics of culture have informed and inspired her interdisciplinary work throughout her career. The relationship between nature, culture and technology, matter and consciousness, have been major themes. In the past four decades her installation, performance, sound and photo works have focused on environmental issues, global warming, climate change, species extinction, and the politics of culture, including “The Garden Planet Revisited” 1982, “The Amazon, The Mekong, The Missouri, and The Nile,” 1985, “The Culture of Disappearance” series “You Don’t Need A Weatherman” series about floods, droughts
 and climate crises, “In the Gully: Meditations on Water,” and the ghost.dances\on the event horizon. She has also explored space travel, impermanence, cultural disappearance and the meaning of ruins. An innovator in the development of radio art in the 80s, her text/sound/audio works featuring multilayered juxtapositions of vocal pictures, orchestrated texts, and sonic architecture, have won international acclaim and been broadcast worldwide. Her CDs include “Thank You For Flying American,” “ghost.dances\on the event horizon,” “eco-geographies,” “and the LP “The Mexican Tapes.” She was producer/host of “Soundings,” a weekly one-hour radio show featuring radio art, sound, and music works, live performances and interviews at KPFK-FM, Pacifica Radio, Los Angeles from 1982-1996, and a contributor to New American Radio, and U.S. EAR. Her limited-edition artists book “The Tower” 2015 (a collaboration with Helen Thorington) evolved out of research into the theoretical physics of multi-dimensional spaces including the Calabi-Yau Manifold and M-theory of multiple universes. It raises the question – Is the pursuit of knowledge of the unknown a worthy goal if we unwittingly disrupt the balance of the universe and the planet we live on, by unleashing forces beyond our control and understanding? She has published several hundred critical essays and reviews, in numerous publications, since 1982 and is the author of the recently published book “Performance / Media / Art / Culture. Selected Essays 1983-2018,” Intellect, UK. She writes the column “Peripheral Visions: Perspectives on Performance, Media, and Culture” online at https://fabrikmagazine.com/peripheral-visions/ She is Professor Emerita at Art Center College of Design, Pasadena, CA and the 2012 recipient of the College Art Association Distinguished Teaching of Art Award. Her five decades Archive is housed at the Fales Library Special Collections at NYU.  



The Culture of Disappearance series installations. 

From Fossils series.2000-2001 Color photo transparencies on marble Standing stones. Shadow imprint, two-sided. For whole series click here.

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