Jaime Bateman

  • "Nosy Be Picnic" 16x20" Watercolor
  • "Madagascar Storm" 16x20" Watercolor
  • "Nosy Be Island Fishermen" 16x20" Watercolor
  • "Nosy Be Sunset" 11x14" Watercolor
  • "Diego Suarez" 11x14" Watercolor
  • "Flamingos in Flight" 23x13" Oil on Canvas
  • "Laguna Blanca II" 26x23" Oil on Canvas
  • "Salar Village" Egg Tempera on Wood
  • "Salar de Uyuni III" Egg Tempera on Wood
  • "Salar de Uyuni IV" Egg Tempera on Wood

These paintings are light studies. Light assists us in understanding landscapes, by experiencing the magnitude and direction in which it allows our vision to flow. As light moves it creates a dialogue between forms by defining them and their negative spaces. By concentrating on light as its own entity, I explore how it manipulates itself around objects and is distinguished through mood.

These images are taken from travels abroad, where I seek an unfamiliar setting to explore the possibilities of new forms in unique lighting and changes in climate. The process of recording this subject matter is important for me to share, with the goal of understanding a simple moment. A level of intimacy is my hope for the interaction with these paintings.

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    • Los Angeles, CA
      US - Pacific
    • 323-907-6504

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