Jan Dove

  • Oola as Goya's Maja
  • Oola as Ophelia
  • Oola as the Empress Theodora
  • Oola as Antiope
  • Oola as Judith
  • Oola as one of deKooning's women
  • Oola as the serpent in the Garden of Eden
  • Oola as a thief
  • Oola as Oola's Mother
  • Oola overcomes Ignorance through the Arts

Years ago I made a small doll out of scraps — a doll which I recently I scanned and digitally edited into Western art historical contexts.

Playing the doll, Oola, as an alter-ego, I tried out different periods of western art history. I began by 
making fun of images that were outside my aesthetic. But then, with a sense of shock when 
people responded to my work with laughter, I began to feel protective of my alter-ego/doll.

I began thinking about my doll in a variety of art historical contexts that reflect a variety of cultural norms about beauty and acceptability, especially for women and girls in my culture.

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    • Oakland, CA
      US - Pacific

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