Jane Skafte

  • Ghost Forest, colored pencil
  • Tar Sands Alberta, watercolor and colored pencil
  • Cosmic Turtle, colored pencil
  • Thwaites Glacier Antarctica, colored pencil
  • Mudslide, colored pencil
  • Destruction of the Rainforest, colored pencil
  • Carbon Footprint, colored pencil
  • Drought, colored pencil
  • The Unraveling, colored pencil
  • Bleached Coral , colored pencil

In an attempt to deal with climate change I illustrate the changes that concern me, and to explore what I can do to create the empathy, emotional engagement and cultural understanding needed to motivate a meaningful shift.

Relying on the language of cutaway visual aids used in geology textbooks has allowed me to consider the massive shifts and tragedies from a safe distance and manageable scale.

I am interested in what happens when naturalism and the awesome terror of nature is fused with abstract geometric elements, as a stand-in for human imposed structures and practices. Natural landscapes are enhanced by seeing beneath the surface, examining underlying strata and interior dimensions, to metaphorically suggest our reductionist understanding of our place in the world.

My drawings handle complexity by creating layers which dissolve into each other and produce intersections. I use colored pencil because I enjoy the delicacy and subtlety possible in working with pencil, where layers of color are built up slowly with only the width of the pencil lead.

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