Janet Brugos

  • Les Femmes Mondiales - Black
  • Les Femmes Mondiales - Asian
  • Les Femmes Mondiales - White
  • Les Femmes Mondiales - Black and White
  • Les Femmes Mondiales - Native American in progress
  • Ice Islands
  • Ice Calving
  • Wildfire
  • Ice Cave
  • Hurricane

I gather experience, play with proportion and paint with texture to create my work. I have three areas of emphasis, Climate Awareness, Women’s Concerns and Urban Landscapes.

I continue to point out the enlarging threats of rising temperatures, melting ice and flaming forests that all weave their way into my work.
My theme. Les Femmes Mondiales —Women of the world and from a variety of cultures and colors. I point out the difference and the similarity of all women. Women are an underserved, under appreciated and underestimated group of half the world’s people.

The climate of urban areas is also a changing one.
Cities are a growing yet decaying culture. Income Disparity particularly with women and minorities in our affluent country has become a way to govern. I do seek to include some of the lasting beauty in our cities.

As an artist I feel an obligation to present my interpretation of the ongoing climate catastrophe and the crisis status of women and urban settlements. What can we as caring beings do to improve these conditions?

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    • Oakland, CA
      US - Pacific
    • 510 285-7870

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