Jennifer Bentson

  • Chelten Way Oaks, by Jennifer Bentson, Oil, 16" x 20"
  • Sister to the Oak of Peace, by Jennifer Bentson, Oil, 28" x 22"
  • Holly Wood, by Jennifer Bentson, Watercolor, 18" x 7"
  • Mama Oak, by Jennifer Bentson, Watercolor, 24 x 18"
  • Frank's Family Tree, by Jennifer Bentson, Watercolor, 12" x 9"
  • 13,000 Year Old Palmer Oak, by Jennifer Bentson, Chinese Brush Painting on Xuan Paper, 22" x 20"
  • Arroyo Oak, by Jennifer Bentson, Watercolor, 18" x 24"
  • Oaks Looking Skyward, by Jennifer Bentson, Charcoal Sketch, 11" x 8.5"
  • Eaton Canyon Path, by Jennifer Bentson, 11" x 14"
  • On the Edge of the Worldwide Church of God, by Jennifer Bentson, Oil, 36" x 18"
  • Amendoiera Tree (Endangered Species in Brazil) by Jennifer Bentson, Watercolor, 14" x 11"
  • Lake Crowley, by Jennifer Bentson, Watercolor, 14" x 11"

My project and passion, “California Oaks as Art” is an artistic journey through California and its communities collecting stories and creating paintings of significant oaks. The California Oak is a common yet artistically interesting tree. The limbs travel like no other tree through space. At times, they can be likened to human limbs. I feel close to the oaks that spread their arms to the sky, twist to avoid a wall, and stand ever watching. The oaks each have a personality and people have said that they feel closer to the oaks because of the viewpoint of my art. Also, on an ecological note, the significant oaks are diminishing and my artwork brings attention to the plight of the oak and how important they are to the community.

I recently completed a project with the City of Pasadena where I asked the community to identify significant oaks (ones that had a story) and then I painted the oak tree. The mayor of Pasadena became involved, as did many organizations including the history museum, Caltech, Pasadena Beautiful, and others. As a result I have published one book (77pages) of oak tree paintings and stories. Additionally, my oak tree paintings have been featured in California Poppy, ArtQuenchMagazine, and in over 50 exhibitions in the Los Angeles Area. Currently, I am working with Los Angeles County on an Event where my artwork will be featured with my book, the leading Arborist will speak about oak tree care and free oak trees will be distributed (Oct. 29, 2016).

Recently, I became a teacher of art for Yosemite National Park. I will be teaching through the Conservancy the week of Earth Day.

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