Jenny E. Balisle

  • Title: America Red, White, and Blue Medium: Colorplan paper and a Mossberg 500 Shotgun Size: (3) 25x38 inches Year: 2016 Description: The America series investigates diverse cultures and relationships between manmade and natural environments. Fascinated by flight or disorientation, I merge together disparate experiences to create new narratives. Colorplan sheets of cover stock sized 25x38 inches were brought to a gun range. Using a Mossberg 500 shotgun as a vehicle of mark making, paper was placed on a target 7 yards away. The artwork records how patterns of power and inequality can be spread through distance, speed, and the repurpose of intention. Part of the SOCIAL JUSTICE: IT HAPPENS TO ONE, IT HAPPENS TO ALL exhibit at St. Mary's College Museum of Art in 2016. The artwork was featured in the "Artists as Activists: Pursuing Social Justice" Huffington Post article on September 9th by Amy Pleasant:
  • Title: DEMOCRACY Medium: Clear Braille on Polymer Size: 6x6 inches Year: 2017 Description: A standard braille sign is repurposed by altering its function to explore justice in our democracy.
  • Title: Wall Medium: Silver Dura-Lar and a Mossberg 500 Shotgun Size: 40x160 inches Year: 2016 Description: The artwork investigates how patterns of power can be spread through speed and the repurpose of intention. It mimics the movement of flight across oceans and cultures. Walls that separate may appear strong in structure but are fragile in nature. Exhibited at Tsingtao Art Center in Tsingtao, China in 2016.
  • Title: Memory 3 Medium: Pen and Ink Drawing Size: 19x 24 inches Year: 2016 Description: The Memory series represent remnants and souvenirs of a present and past home. Time distorts, changes, and strengthens memory. The pen and ink drawings explore remembrance, consciousness, and truth.
  • Title: Reef Medium: CAB Formed Plastic Size: 48x48 inches Description: According to the National Ocean Service, changing ocean temperatures, pollution, sunlight overexposure, and extreme low tides cause coral bleaching. Algae are a coral’s main food source and stressed environments cause its release turning the tissues to turn white. Inspired by the global bleaching epidemic, white-formed plastic has been repurposed into a pattern mimicking the ecosystem. Plastic pollution continues to be a key-contributing factor to the decline of coral reefs.

Jenny E. Balisle earned a B.A. in Art and Communication from the University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point and a M.F.A. from the Academy of Art College in San Francisco. Exhibits include the de Young Museum Artist-in-Residence, Orange County Center for Contemporary Art, Chicago Cultural Center, Korean Cultural Center, Harvard University, Farmington Museum, Museu Brasileiro Sao Paulo, and Shanghai Oil Painting & Sculpture Institute Art Museum.

Her work has been featured in such publications as The Huffington Post, WOMENCINEMAKERS, A5 Magazine, ZYZZYVA, The Drum Literary Magazine, and Sculptural Pursuits Magazine. Public art includes The Cube Art Project, Hearts in San Francisco, and South San Francisco Utility Box Mural Project.

Balisle currently works as an artist, curator, advocate, writer, lecturer, and instructor at the Academy of Art University and UC Berkeley Extension. Locally, she serves as a Richmond Arts & Culture Commissioner and Public Art Advisory Committee member.

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