Joanie Gagnon San Chirico

  • Hanging Atrium Sculpture Commission for Ocean County Library
  • Bloom
  • Bloom #3
  • Brown Tide
  • Surge (After Sandy)
  • Spores #1 (After Sandy)
  • Spores #5 (After Sandy)
  • Ghost House #2 (After Sandy)
  • Ghost House #4 (After Sandy)
  • Ghost House #7 (After Sandy)

My work relates to preservation, regardless of the series. I question our culture, which promotes instant gratification while ignoring evolving consequences. I feel obligated to create art that addresses these issues. By working this way, I stay true to my convictions, and can possibly raise awareness after viewers realize that these are not just pretty paintings, the beauty is only skin deep; a reminder that it’s urgent to understand what is real and what is fabricated.

I began my series depicting harmful algae blooms because of ongoing issues facing Barnegat Bay close to my home. The work portrays my interpretation of existing toxic algae species. My Spores and Ghost Houses are my response after witnessing the destruction that Superstorm Sandy left in its wake in my community.

Had there been sufficient dune stabilization in high risk areas, the damage would have been minimal, but due to over-development, the protection factor that dunes would have offered was absent. The economic impact of this and other recent disasters has devastated countless families.

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    • Toms River, NJ
      US - East
    • 732-506-6636

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