Judy Shintani

  • "Sahara Mandala" - created in the town of Hamid, Morocco. Materials: existing trash
  • "food for the Queen" - plight of the honey bee. Materials: wild flower seed packets, wax, dried flowers, paper
  • "Flower Power" collaboration with Kim Criswell. Materials: existing vegetation and powered tempera paint.
  • "Moments", feathers, Japanese paper, thread, charms

Judy Shintani is the Narrator of Culture. The unspoken compels her to create. She believes art leads us in a search for our connection and our identity. Shintani’s art depicts family stories, honors history, showcases women’s issues, earth concerns, healing, and offers viewers ways to participate and become art collaborators. She works with found objects, organic materials, video, words, and most recently collaborates with land and items left behind on it.

She has exhibited throughout California and the Pacific Northwest. She owns and runs the Kitsune Community Art Studio in Half Moon Bay, CA, and curates the Coastside Artists Doctors Without Borders Benefit. Shintani is a creativity facilitator working with artists from 2 to 101 years old. She has a MA in Transformative Art from JFKU, Berkeley, and a BS in Graphic Design from San Jose State University.

land art, narrator, installation, assemblage, facilitator, healing, culture, women, history, earth

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