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  • Apathy. Every child killed by a gun once had a beating heart.  Every child killed by a gun had family, friends, and community who mourn their loss.  Every child in our country is more likely to die from a gun injury than any other cause.   “Enough,” we claim, each and every time. We care more about profits and polling points; and we claim “personal freedoms” when we mean “freedom for me, at your expense.”
  • Unclipped Wings
  • 44.6 degrees Fahrenheit (7 degrees Celsius) "Redlining" - the term for refusals to give loans or insurance to entire groups of people based on racially-motivated concerns for safety and investments.  Redlining resulted in densely packed urban neighborhoods for Black residents, while White residents were allowed to purchase and live in more spacious neighborhoods. These densely-packed urban environments also have fewer green areas and more man-made materials that absorb heat, leading to "urban heat islands." In these locations - to this day primarily populated by people of color and people with low socioeconomic status - surface air temperatures have been measured up to 44.6F/7C higher than nearby neighborhoods populated by primarily White residents and people of higher socioeconomic status.
  • Admit One Elephang
  • The Keeper: Raven Fledgling
  • Passenger Pigeon, Extinct
  • Passenger Pigeon, Extinct (Detail)
  • Park in Baltimore 2030
  • Park in Baltimore 2030

Julia Feldman was born in Hollywood, California. She works predominantly in the medium of fibers with a strong propensity towards found materials. Her work reflects her concern for repairing the earth and encouraging conversation through art towards working toward a kinder, peaceful world. Ms. Feldman earned a Master of Art + Design, with an emphasis in Surface Design and Certificate of Accomplishment in Teaching from North Carolina State University and Bachelor of Fine Art from California College of the Arts, in Oakland, California, with an emphasis in Sculptural Fibers and Metal. She currently resides and works in Santa Rosa, California.

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