Kathy Bruce

  • Tide Jewels Guandu Nature Park International Sculpture Festival 2015, Shezi Wetlands, Taiwan
  • Tide Jewels Guandu Nature Park International Sculpture Festival 2015, Shezi Wetlands, Taiwan
  • I Dwell in Possibility inspired by Emily Dickinson The Marble House Project, Dorset, Vermont 2015
  • These Trees Collaboration w Alastair Noble Pennsylvania College of Technology, Williamsport, Pa. USA
  • Octopus Haus La Napoule Foundation, France
  • The Green Muse Lewisburg, West Virginia USA
  • Homage to Neruda, The Nature Conservancy/ Andy Warhol Preserve, Montauk, Long Island NY USA
  • La Sirena, Lake Titicaca Puno, Peru
  • Sod Mound Maiden I-Park Foundation, East Haddam, Connecticut USA
  • Woman Tethered to Trees Stone Quarry Hill Art Park, Cazenovia, New York USA
  • The Dancer Rotary Park, Kingston, New York USA
  • Big Fish Through Wall Cheng Long, Taiwan
  • Earth Maiden The LAND, Mountainair, New Mexico USA

My site-specific sculptural installations explore archetypal mythological female forms within the context of environmental issues. These works incorporate allusions to the universal symbol of women as they appear in ancient history and the earliest civilizations interpreted and placed in a contemporary public context.

My selection of natural organic materials corresponds to the climate, eco-system, plant and animal life in the environment that calls to mind an association between women and nature. Typically, I incorporate live plant material into or around the forms that become an integral aspect of them, thus the sculptures become a living addition to the natural environment. Recent works contain interactive features such as seating and passageways to encourage direct public interaction allowing people to be inside the sculpture as participants rather than passive viewers.

A notable distinction between my work and that of most of my contemporaries practicing within the context of environmental issues is that my site-specific structures are representational rather than biomorphic or abstract. As a result, this approach allows the interpretation of multi-level meanings to the viewers’ experience of my work.

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