Katie Craney

  • For Oil, 4"x4", Mixed Media on Metal
  • For Commerce, 7.5"x3.5", Mixed Media on Metal
  • For Gathering, 7"x7", Mixed Media on Metal
  • For Growth, 3"x4", Mixed Media on Metal
  • For Remembering, 9"x5", Mixed Media on Metal
  • Stalemate, 4"x5.5", Mixed Media on Wood
  • For Dwelling, 3"x4", Mixed Media on Metal
  • For Migration, 4"x4", Mixed Media on Metal

My art is a response to the imminent transformation and vulnerability of the north. Within any given fragment of land or water there are ethereal processes at work that support the northern world I call home. Human caused climate change is rapidly altering the structure of northern ecological communities we have adapted to and rely on for survival.

I research and draw species that play a critical role in the structure of the north. Using small metal plates as my canvas, I add line drawings, layers of wax, and tissue paper to the metal to represent tangible layers of our relationship with the natural world. Lighting and transparent coats of wax reflect external influences into the composition.

The small vignettes I create are my way of deciphering the complicated, long-term social and ecological nature of climate change. I believe that interpreting effects of human – animal relationships in the physical environment is a way for us to understand an uncertain future.

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    • Haines, AK
      US - Pacific

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