Kimberly Lemus

  • Lo Absurdo 48x60 Acrylic
  • Give Me A Dream (Sand Dune Study I) 36x45 Mixed Media
  • Navajo Sheep, Utah Digital
  • Cattle, Hawaii Film
  • 2 Turtles of Hawaii Exterior Acrylic
  • Get Beesy Working or Get Beesy Dying 38x38 Acrylic
  • Sand Dunes, Death Valley Digital
  • House of the Sun, Haleakala, Hawaii Exterior Acrylic
  • Decayed Tree, Death Valley Digital
  • Iron Deposits, Utah Film

My name is Kimberly Lemus and I am here to present to viewers the changes that are effecting nature, people and animals during this climate crisis. The artwork that I present are pieces inspired by memories throughout my journeys. Documenting moments from deserts, woods, tropical forests, oceans and other natural environments. My purpose is to remind viewers that each day is critical in helping to make a difference in uniting together on how we see things and how we can manage to protect our planet’s biodiversity. Compassion and unity is what keeps our planet thriving and all the life that comes with it. Once that is understood humanity will be able to acknowledge that there is only one planet that is capable of providing everything we need in this solar system.

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    • Fullerton, CA
      US - Pacific
    • 8184727239

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