Krisanne Baker

  • Sandy River Water Column, Farmington, Maine 2014 Water samples and detrius documented and collected by students from local drinking water source. Exhibited at local Community Center with microscope and interactive water column system of presentation.
  • 2014 Presentation to community on the importance of water, especially in the face of climate change; examples of art, activism and science collaborating to raise awareness
  • Facilitated and film documented Earth Day beach clean up at Rachel Carson Salt Preserve, Bremen, Maine.
  • Subversive eco art installation and dialogue: "What's In YOUR Water?" 2009
  • 'Regenerentropic Spiral' interactive multimedia installation of water samples, 2008
  • The Delicate Balance of Blue Green Algae 2011-2014 installation and underwater projection on the balance of ocean's food chains upset by climate change
  • "Grow Some Gills" projection bombing poster 2013
  • Curated first water issues awareness educational exhibition at Emery Community Center, University of Maine campus, in collaboration with five year traveling water art education film venue: Water, Water Everywhere: Paean to a Vanishing Resource Fall 2014
  • Warm Sea Weed Salad and Moon Jelly Compote, 2015 installation at LA Museum, Lewiston, Maine. Our reliance on the ocean as a food source will grow larger as climate change makes traditional agriculture obsolete.

Krisanne Baker’s ecological work and activism focuses upon water – water quality, availability, and rights. Her multimedia works and installations are created from mostly upcycled materials (often with site specific water samples) and with the intention to raise awareness about issues concerning water; specifically on the effects of pollution and climate change sea level rise, ocean acidification and the current unbalancing of the natural food web. Baker likes to reel in her audience, luring viewers with the beauty and fascination of water. But often upclose examination of water quality samples and cultural practices reveal to the viewer a horror. She works in short experimental film and film performance, installation, and painting medias.
In these times of climate change anxiety, Baker maintains her own personal balance through daily walking meditations on her local upstream estuary habitat on the Coast of Maine.

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