Linda Kunik

  • Preparing the soil by amending with compost, dolomite lime and gypsum.
  • August-the garden looks great!
  • I have just planted the tomatoes I cultivated from seed. It's May. Still amending the raised bed. The soil is too acidic.
  • You can't even see the raised bed behind. The tomato plants grew to be over 10' tall.
  • The sense of community and friendships built is worth everything.
  • No one gardening is every frowning.

Linda was born in Chicago, Illinois and moved to Beverly Hills, California in 1978 where she currently resides. Although she initially earned a BA in Spanish Education and Psychology from the University of Illinois and later received an MS in Reading and Learning Disabilities from DePaul University, it was her seven years as an Art Docent for the Los Angeles County Museum of Art that inspired her to become an artist. Studying painting and drawing at the Brentwood Art Center, led to two summer painting workshops in France and Italy. Wanting to further her education, she obtained a BFA from Otis College of Art and Design. Kunik’s earlier training as a watercolorist and landscape painter was replaced by a more conceptual approach to painting at Otis. Her thinking began to address issues of globalization and ecology. The first body of abstract paintings she developed, Deforestation and the Land, dealt with the environment, specifically the deforestation of rain forests. It was within this body of work that she began to push the boundaries of preconceived notions of painting while attempting to reconcile abstraction with social and political issues. This series led to paintings about global warming and imbalances within ocean plant life. As her work progressed, Kunik started to see a broader picture of causality. She questioned how and why things happen in the environment, society, governments and everything we do. The Things Fall Apart series has thus far reflected these conceptual issues. Her current body of work, Plant It Forward-the starving artist project moves into the realm of public practice, engaging the community, while exploring sustainable agriculture in relation to the barter system.

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    • Beverly Hills, CA
      US - Pacific

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