Judith Selby Lang

  • Earth Epitaph
  • Cascade
  • Forest Knolls 94933
  • Forest Knolls 94933
  • The Last Dance
  • The Last Dance
  • Recycle Ryoanji
  • Recycle Ryoanji
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For years making something out of nothing has been my motto, my byline. I am thrilled to make something from a found object from a discard, from trash. Over the years the environmental impact, the amount of this so-called nothing has grown exponentially and so too has the quantity and size of my artwork.

My work is interdisciplinary, bridging the gap between art and life. By giving aesthetic form to what is considered to be garbage, I serve as both a cleaner and curator. While the content of my work has a message about the spoiling of the natural world by the human/industrial world my intent is to transform the perils of pollution into something that is beautiful and celebratory.

It is my hope that my projects will enchant and engage people so that they will consider the issues and become proactive. I want to encourage them to help with the reduce/reuse/recycle efforts and along the way make a little art of their own.

Plastic is my primary material because it’s free, it’s ubiquitous, it’s archival. As we round out the Era of Oil, plastic seems to be the material most expressive of our times. And, like diamonds, it is forever.

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