Larissa Marangoni

  • Scupture for lobby catering Co. Trebol verde 2014
  • detail
  • Two aluminum sculptures for the restaurant Pikaia Lodge, Galapagos-Ecuador 2014
  • Aluminum tree sculpture lobby Pikaia Lodge 2014
  • Two aluminum sculptures for the bar Pikaia Lodge 2014
  • Wood sculpture and copper, 2010
  • Serie, bondo and photographs, 2010
  • Sculpture for a private collector, cement, wood, copper. 2012
  • Sculpture for a private collector, painted steel, 2012
  • Serie, steel, 2005
  • Serie, steel, recycled objects, light and motors, 2008


Larissa’s artistic career began 29 years ago, she received a scholarship to attend Lester B. Pearson College in Canada. As a result of her academic achievements, she received another scholarship to attend Bennington College in Vermont, USA, where she received her BA. Then earned a scholarship to get her Masters degree in Sculpture from Syracuse University, USA. In 2011, she earned her Masters in Public Health at the Catholic University of Guayaquil, Ecuador

She has been invited to Israel, Sweden, United States, Chile and Argentina in numerous art exhibitions, where she has won several awards and international recognition. So far, she has participated in over 60 group exhibitions and 24 solo exhibitions. There are over 80 articles in various books, magazines and newspapers about her work.

In 2006, she began working as Deputy Executive Director for the Association for the Welfare of the Ecuadorean Family ( APROFE ) where she is responsible for the physical and operational reengineering of 11 health Centers and 1 maternity clinic. She has strengthened community development through the “Program “Franja arte-comunidad” with the creation of artistic residencies, encouraging a participatory methodology where artists and community members share their knowledge. The result is the creation of collective community processes where ancient wisdom and opportunities are recovered.


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    • Guayaquil,
      South America
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