Karen Jean Larson

  • oil on canvas: favorite hiking and mushroom hunting spot in Pennsylvania
  • mixed media sending message that all we waste comes back to haunt us
  • the Pacific garbage gyre, so huge, so deep
  • A way to show homage to the oceans
  • Cortez burned the aviarium to make the Mexicans afraid and to obey him
  • Chico Mendez, my hero of the rainforests, helping people to gather latex instead of cutting down trees
  • In Gioia Brazil a community was devastated by opening an abandoned xray machine and putting the cesium 137 on their skin since it looked so pretty
  • Ohiopyle offers beautiful hikes along the river
  • oil on canvas: imagining a future where an old map of earth is found, no one will want to come to this planet...
  • under the northern ice are scuttled nuclear subs, different nations, waiting to break open their packages...

Nature has been my guide always. Being an artist, I can express my love for Nature, awesome moments I have had with Nature and a cathartic release of emotion through paint to express the dangers to Nature that we pose. I try to stay on the positive side through artworks but reality of problems to the planet sometimes take the lead. Studying art in Lucca, Italy at Creative Artists Studies helped me to see connections down through the ages in art. I continued my education, having a MA in art/education/aesthetics. I taught for years at The Carnegie Museum of Art and at various schools. I paint full time now that I no longer teach. Yet I still feel like a student and as Michelangelo said: ‘Ancora Imparo’ I am still learning!

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    • Pittsburgh, PA
      US - East
    • 412-561-6448

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