Laura Larson

  • In The Mourning – will eventually be a series of 41 Bronze sculptures The bodies mimic the tomb Mourners but the heads are of animals.
  • " Cherish": 2014 (Sculptural Installation) What does it mean to cherish? How do we revere nature? Who do we hold in high esteem?
  • from "Cherish" – Seed Collection 2013 11” x 10.5” x 25” Mixed media assembled sculpture
  • from "Cherish" – Bee Preserve 2011– 2014 Mixed Media installation bees in saltshakers & The Last 2011 – 2014 Mixed Media wall piece
  • “The Campaign for co-Creation” 2011 - A tent within one explores the nature vs science relationship
  • the "Campaign for co-Creation" table – plywood work table 3’x 6’, pine needles, pebbles, sea salt, petrified wood, gold leaf, pencil, varnish with 2 sculptures – branches, epoxy/resin
  • "The Epidermis Emporium" 2007 Representing the body, EPIDERMIS EMPORIUM is a tongue in cheek look at how we view the skin we live in – the human body.
  • "The Looking Glass Lounge" 2005. Representing the mind, this sculptural installation deals with women's self-esteem (vs. narcissism)
  • from the series "Grace and Glory," Representing the spirit: Pocahontas/Matoaka/Rebecca/Amonute – 2014 – 68” tall x 25” diam. mixed media sculpture.
  • from the series "Grace and Glory," Representing the spirit: "Sister Aimee Semple McPherson" – 2013 – 60” tall x 34” wide x 12” deep mixed media Sculpture. (DETAIL)

Laura Larson grew up in Chicago surrounded by the influence of the Chicago Imagists. Her work reflects the dual interests of story-telling and theatrical production – the building blocks for her consistent interest in Sculptural Installations and Narrative Tableau. In the late 1970’s Larson moved to Los Angeles where she became a member of a collaborative group of women and men, working with Judy Chicago to create The Dinner Party, a controversial, ground-breaking feminist art piece rendered in porcelain ceramics, china painting, textiles and embroidery, recognizing significant women throughout history who were forgotten or under–recognized. Over the last 10 years Larson’s work has touched on 2 main topics: our relationship to nature and our animal co-inhabitants; and investigations of the cultural, historical, spiritual through lines of the female trinity: mind, body and spirit. Completed through three different bodies of work, Grace and Glory is the final part of Larson’s trinity, exhibited at the Lancaster Museum of Art and History.

Laura Larson has exhibited her work extensively throughout Southern California, and has shown her work internationally. Since moving to Los Angeles Larson has been commissioned for multiple public art installations throughout the County. In 2004 she received the Artist Resource for Completion Grant from the Durfee Foundation. Larson graduated from Carthage College in Kenosha, Wisconsin, receiving a dual Bachelor of Arts degree in fine art and theatre arts.

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