Laura Donkers

  • Schwedt Landschaftpleinair, 2017
  • 'Wallpaper' series pastel frottage on gampi paper, 2015
  • Machair Art Project, 2011-13
  • An Roinn (the sharing) Cuan Uibhist, 2012
  • 'planting is drawing' A long term project that considers the act of planting as drawing, viewed from a bio-cultural perspective, i.e. exploring the dependency between culture and lands, and the adaption of the natural to the human and how the human inter adapts to the natural. The 'untitled' works are presented as 3 x single channel video projections that lead the viewer into the planted world of the Finnish forest: a man made construction. The walkway leads the viewer across peat lands that have recently been reinstated after it was noted that over drainage to encourage better tree growth had diminished the bio diversity. The stunted form of the Spruce and Pines amongst the subtle flora of the forest floor juxtaposed with the surrounding flourishing forest bears testament to the desires of man to improve production at the uncalculated cost to other concerns.
  • Outdoor studio, Arteles, Finland, 2011
  • The Nature of a Finding (2011) Pigment inks on water colour paper 1000cmx150cm
  • Cove (2012) Natural pigment, egg yolk, graphite, charcoal, pastel on water colour paper 1000cm x 150cm Photo credit: Mark James
  • Langass Wood (2010) Chinese ink, graphite, charcoal, peat water, gesso on paper 1000cm x 150cm

I am a practicing eco-social, multi-media artist whose work is rooted in the idea of co-creativity, working interactively with communities and environments. The work focuses on understanding how humans affect the world. I conduct place-based research to read and respond to the environment through text, printing and drawing, in collaboration with human-and-nonhuman makers, as embodied ways of knowing place. A slow method of understanding landscape, place and environment emerges that brings poetic insights on nature, culture and ethics.
I have been based for 30 years in the Outer Hebrides, UK, as a horticulturalist, artist and researcher, and recently completed a Practice-led PhD in Contemporary Art Practices at the University of Dundee. This work explored collaborative artistic co-creative methods to strategically promote eco-social regeneration for small island communities, and included research visits to University of Auckland, Aotearoa/ NZ, to gain theoretical underpinning knowledge on indigenous embodied knowledges, such as Kaupapa Māori Theory (Māori way of being). Having completed this research, I want to continue to develop creative and collaborative methodologies within ecological and human communities to connect the public with environmental and climate change matters, while expanding artist’ agency and impact on society at this time of ecological crisis. Post-doctoral research explores new roles that artists can play in generating beneficial eco-social changes through working with both community and place-based knowledges, influenced by indigenous knowledge systems.

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