Dawn Lee

  • Release - Acrylic on Canvas 40"x30"
  • Release 2 - Acrylic on Canvas 48"x36"
  • Glacier - Acrylic on Canvas 36"x48"
  • Glacier Study 1 - Acrylic on Paper 15"x11"
  • Glacier Study 2 - Acrylic on Paper 15"x11"
  • Bird Woman Falls - Acrylic on Canvas 40"x24"
  • Bird Woman Falls - Charcoal on Paper 44"x24"

My artwork focuses on elements in specific environments and their interconnectedness. I attempt to create a liminal space where multiple perspectives exist and express a sense of energy. Subjects are based in the natural world, and their portrayal often refers to the integrity of form within an environment and explores concepts of change and transcendence. Kayaking, hiking, and backpacking in wild places has been a great source of inspiration. My recent paintings focus on diminishing glaciers and thawing permafrost; they acknowledge the effects of the Anthropocene on our natural world. The melting of great masses of ice on Earth offers new perspectives of our planet, revealing long hidden layers of the past and releasing noxious gases that were previously suspended in the ice. It speaks of geological time and gives us pause to consider our brief existence and place in the universe. I have been inspired by my experiences exploring the Arctic and Glacier National Park where I observed the beauty and grandeur of glaciers and icebergs, and their disappearance in a warming climate. Ice is essential in maintaining Earth’s delicately balanced ecosystems, but nature is dynamic and ever changing. Foreboding and beauty coexist in my work while my images explore loss, transformation and the unknown.

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    • Sayville, NY
      US - East

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