Leslie Labowitz-Starus

  • SPROUTIME: Old Jewish Cemetery 1984. Long Beach Museum of Art, CA. Photo: Kira Perov
  • SPROUTIME: Regeneration/Composting 1996. Installation, 18th Street Arts, Santa Monica, CA.
  • Greenhouse Growing Space 2000, Canoga Park, CA . Photo montage: Jacki Apple
  • SPROUTIME stand at Santa Monica Farmers Market 2021

Labowitz-Starus is best known by work from 1977-1982 on violence against women incollaboratin with Suzanne Lacy. This work has been shown internationally and written about in many publications and books. In 1980, she created SPROUTIME, an art/life ongoing art work that is performance, installation and real life business. Labowitz-Starus was a fulbright scholar and worked with Joseph Beuys in 1972 in Germany where she lived until 1977 and returned to Los Angeles.

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    • Malibu, CA
      US - Pacific
    • 310-560-7835

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