Leslie Goldberg

The exploitation of non-human animals has been the focus of my art work for a while. Recently, I’ve broadened my view to include the oppression of women.

Mostly, I make cartoony drawings. I’ve chosen to draw because drawing is gentle on the environment. Drawing also appeals to me because it’s spontaneous and intimate. It’s well suited for expression of political and cultural ideas.

My work hinges on story-telling and the communication of ideas. Each character who shows up in my drawings has a voice and a personality.

More often than not, humor emerges in work, because, well, it’s just there and I also believe humor has the serious purpose of healing and community-building.
I graduated from Goddard College with an MFA in Interdisciplinary Art. I am an award-winning journalist who was on staff at the San Francisco Examiner and was nominated for a Pulitzer Prize.

Currently I’m at work on a book of drawings, “The Love Lives of Cats.”

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    • El Cerrito, CA
      US - Pacific
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