Liliana Gelman

Try always, whenever you look at a form, to see the lines in it which have had power over its past and will have power over its futurity.
John Ruskin, The Elements of Drawing

My work about the natural world is a continually evolving project, a loving contemplation of nature, stirred by its marvelous forms. However, there is always something that remains hidden and secret, either in the fragility of a flower or in the strength of a centenary tree. I explore how these forms become to a kind of writing; a writing which reveals how matter, time, light and spirit intertwine and unfold in rhythms, patterns and webs.
My photographs are carefully edited using simple tools common to the medium. The luminosity of the image is gradually altered, until the image is delicately balanced between visibility and invisibility. Through this process, the essential structure of the natural world – forms, movements and lines – is rendered.
The process cease when the image is in a threshold state where everything could slowly disappear, or like a blueprint of the natural world,  a singular moment can arise from these subtle and fragile calligraphic signs.

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    • buenos aires,
      South America

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