Lori Lipsman

My practice is rooted in experience and play, experiment and learning. I go between outdoor temporary installations, and an indoor studio practice, each of which informs the other.

I sometimes take on issues of concern to me, the environment, social and personal, but I really revel in making objects.

Awhile back I became very conflicted about making art objects, the environmental impact this has, and storing these objects. As I pondered this I also started thinking how there are many people in our society that have not had any, or much, exposure to contemporary art. That there are many who do not have original works of art to live with, to experience in their own environment, and how maybe having art in their homes might be of benefit. This brought me to doing the project ‘free art: cart’. With this project I go to neighborhoods of mid to lower income, and give away original works of art, framed, ready to hang on a wall. Free art has morphed into other free art projects specific to an event. Often times I am told how generous this project is, which it is, but it is also selfish on my part. I can keep making art without the guilt of having it sit in my studio, feeling like it is an environmental waste, people seem genuinely excited about getting a piece. Over and over again they will thank me and I always thank them for giving my work a home.

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    • San Diego, CA
      US - Pacific
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