Laurie McCann

  • Storm Basket - Driftwood, pampas grass, twine, seaweed, mussel shells from Seabright Beach.
  • Second Chance - shredded packing material from dumpster,knitted cotton, woven jute & twine, plastic bits, wrapped bamboo sticks.
  • Art Books - Prison Journal, Poetry, Ox Story

Discovering hidden treasure inspires me. Seeing the playful or dark possibilities lurking in a dumpster, recycle bin, farm field or free sidewalk pile turns me towards my Buddhist vow to save all beings. Everything I touch, at some point, was soil, rock, plant, animal or star dust.

Detritus, discards, found and gifted objects are my raw materials. Transformed by coiling, weaving, stitching, shredding, sewing and tearing each piece offers a new story while honoring a previous life.

My intention is to evoke appreciation for what is, spark curiosity, and inspire hope for what may be possible.

Creative Capital is everywhere – look for it, take it home, inquire further.

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    • Santa Cruz, CA
      US - Pacific
    • 831-234-9086

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