Magi Amma

  • Wheel of Fortune, Tarot Series
  • The Scream, Chair Series
  • Resurrection, Ascension Series
  • Justice, Tarot Series
  • The Glass Ceiling, Chair Series
  • Self Portrait, Chair Series
  • Heart of Darkness, Chair Series
  • Between Time, Ascension Series
  • Mary had a Little Lamb
  • The Star, Tarot Series

I create mixed-media sculpture using recycled materials, ceramic figures and objects from nature. I use symbols such as wings, wheels, nests, ladders, cages and confined female figures as metaphors of the questionable state of the social and financial equality of women.

I have experience in sculpture, bronze casting, ceramics and computer science including posts as an art director at Sun Microsystems and Apple Computer.

I am an activist who not only has created such political artwork as the Coup d’Etat Coloring Book, but has also served as President of the National Woman’s Caucus for Art.

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