Wu Mali

  • Edible Taipei, 2008.
  • Secret Garden, 1999.
  • Tracing Hsin Dien Stream, 2006.
  • Art As Environment, 2006.
  • Empress New Dresses
  • By The River, 2006.
  • Birds Slide Over
  • Temple Of The Earth God, built on the creek, 2010.
  • Transforming The Museum Into An Edible Landscape, 2008.

Artist and academic from Taiwan, born in Taipei.

Wu Mali lives and works in Kaohsiung and Taipei, Taiwan. After graduating from the National Art Academy, Dusseldorf, Wu Mali returned to Taiwan in 1985. She then developed an interest in socially-engaged practice and started to make installations and objects that deal with historical narratives. Her works have been presented at Venice Biennial 1995/1997, Taipei Biennial 1998/ 2008, Asian Pacific Triennial 1999, and Fukuoka Asian Art Triennial 2005, etc. Since 2000 she has been producing community-based projects such as Awake in Your Skin, 2000 – 2004 a collaboration with the Taipei Awakening Association, a feminist group in Taiwan that uses fabric to explore the texture of women’s lives. In By the River, on the River, of the River, 2006, she worked with several community universities tracing the four rivers that surround Taipei. Art as Environment—A Cultural Action on Tropic of Cancer, made between2005 – 2007 in Chiayi County, an agricultural area in south of Taiwan. With the help of the county government she invited over 30 artists to reside in 20 villages and together they attempted to shape a learning community through art. This project made a significant impact on local cultural policy and inspired people to consider different ways to activate community building. It also resulted in a series of conferences and dialogues organised by NGOs.

2008 Wu Mali jointly creates the “Taipei Tomorrow as A Lake Again” project for the 2008 Taipei Biennial with the Organization of Urban Re’s (known as OURs), intervening in Taiwan’s policies on ecological development and urban planning. Based on the research on climate change issue, she works with planners and architects, with the hope to develop survival strategies for living in the city.

Wu Mali is currently working with Margaret Shiu, director of Bamboo Curtain Studio, and Rei-Mao Hwang, professor at Architecture Dep, Tamkang University, on “Art as Environment—a cultural action on the Plum Tree Streem” project. Together they are trying to find ways to engage the community and professionals to help clean up the stream and develop an idea of eco village in the city.

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