Mallory Craig

Mallory is an artist and ecological educator whose work to support eco-literacy, arts education, and social-emotional learning is at the service of getting in right relationship to land. Born in Fitchburg, Massachusetts, a post-industrial town nicknamed as “a gateway city” to the American dream by the state of MA, Mallory grew up around paper mills and plastic factories that later became derelict after leaving the community underemployed and with polluted waterways, toxic soil, and ruderal landscapes–which she is now beginning to repair her own relationship with. This way of restoring relationship to land that’s been harmed alongside personal healing of childhood trauma has fueled Mallory’s work today. Mallory is working towards her certification in horticultural therapy, and partners these healing modalities with a healing justice framework at the service of centering love and collective care.

Mallory currently runs intergenerational programming at the learning garden, kitchen, and greenhouse at the Education Center for the New York Horticultural Society. She is on the Board of Directors for Awakenings Art, an organization that centers the artistic expression of survivors of sexual violence. She also serves on the Foodway Steering Committee for Bronx River Alliance to support food justice and cultural programming in New York City’s only edible food forest. Mallory has co-created programming rooted in regenerative education and nature-based artmaking with Queens Botanical Garden, Grow NYC, NYC Department of Civic Engagement, Wave Hill Public Gardens and Cultural Center, Chicago Parks District, Chicago Public Schools, Department of Cultural Affairs and Special Events Chicago, Jane Adams Hull House, Museum of Contemporary Art Chicago, Open Engagement, Teachers for Social Justice, The Women’s Center at Depaul University, among others. Her work has been funded by Crossroads Fund, Terra Arts Foundation, Night Out in the Parks, and the Dorr Foundation. Her curriculum and facilitation work has been featured in Transform the Harm, New York Times, Teaching Artist Podcast, All of It WNY.

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