Mary Abma

  • Phragmites Shroud, onsite installation, 2017
  • Culled Ash Tree with Phragmites Shroud, onsite installation, 2017
  • "Lost Canopy", ash tree memorial medallions, photography and upholstery buttons with resin, 2017
  • "Lachrymatory", resin, wood chips, ash tree seeds, and the ashes from burnt ash wood, 2017
  • Herbarium of Lot 161 Plan 150, Installation
  • "Crab Grass", Detail from Herbarium of Lot 161 Plan 150, mixed media with plant and beeswax, 24X18"
  • "Solomon's Seal and Sickles", Antique Cultivation Blades with Early French Explorers' Writings and Lumen Photographs 36 1/2 X 24 1/2 X 51/4"
  • "Trout Lily", Lumen Photograph, 12"X18"
  • "Beneath My Feet", Gouache on Watercolor Canvas Panels, 48"X48"
  • "Looking Glass Shadowbox", Found Object Assemblage, 7 X 8.5"

Mary Abma is an artist who lives in Bright’s Grove, Ontario, Canada. Her artworks, which consist primarily of idea-based works executed in a variety of artistic forms, explore themes that allow her to incorporate her interest in history, her concern for the environment, her passion for science, and her desire to find visual expression for her thoughts about the human condition. “I visit themes that relate to universal experiences that are present in our own life narratives. These layered works examine connections, or bridges that are integral to our stories. I am especially interested in exploring the bridges that bring us into a connection with our past, and those that define our relationship with and our place in the natural world.”

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    • Bright's Grove,
      North America(not US)
    • 226-932-5846

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