Mary Giehl

  • A Functioning System, 11ft x 16ft x 7in Crochet wool then needle felted and wet felted
  • Under a Microscope 5ft circle, crochet thread and insect pins
  • Found it in Alaska 41in x 30in crochet cotton and linen thread
  • My Spiral Jetty 40in x 24in silk crochet thread on silk
  • Will they Survive 23in x 17in Crochet thread and glass beads
  • Growing in Water 23in x 20in crochet then needle felted into wool
  • I Saw it While Hiking 24in x 18in Crochet, then needle felted into woo, embroidery and beading
  • Euglena 25in x 22in needle felted and embroidery
  • There are Two that Keep Growing 27in x 27in needle felting crochet wool and glass beads
  • It Keeps Expanding 30in x 23in needle felted

Microscopic images of water-borne organisms have inspired my artwork. These organisms have an organic chaos of elements of beauty, complexities and fragilities. Through the use of different fiber techniques I transform these images into organic abstractions. There is a randomness that is in nature that for me allows my exploration into creating large-scale installations that start from those images of microscopic organisms.

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    • Syracuse, NY
      US - East

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