Constance Merriman

  • Hays Woods Project
  • Cerulean Project
  • Spring House
  • Spring House , detail
  • Field, detail

My artistic practice is a combination of personal studio works and multi- faceted community based projects. These 2 art processes are thematically united and function to support each other.
The community based projects act to address a problem. The topics of the projects are issues of social and environmental justice and often focus on the repercussion of the extraction of natural resources. Frequently the projects extend over long periods of time and involve working with community members, scientists and activists. I often collaborate with artist Thomas Merriman on projects which have included the Great Whale Project, MTR, Hays Woods Project, and the Community Forest Project.
While I am working on Community Projects, I create individual works in the studio which act to clarify and expand my understanding of the Community issues. My media includes video, textiles, book art, sculpture, drawing and painting.

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    • McKeesport, PA
      US - East

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