Maria Klos

Maria is a detail-oriented illustrator with a background in fine arts and a special interest in promoting conservation with her art as well as fostering a deeper connection to place through art experiences. Maria currently works at the Cornell Lab of Ornithology as a Bartels Science Illustrator. She received her graduate certificate in Science Illustration from California State University, Monterey Bay in 2022. Maria went on to complete her program’s internship component by providing freelance illustrations and design projects for the Oakland Zoo in California. During her time at the zoo, Maria illustrated various educational materials including a guide on how to use a telemetry device to track California Condors. She is thrilled to be a part of the WEAD community and looks forward to collaborating with other artists and organizations.

Maria has a flexible illustration style ranging from colorful and stylized to highly realistic. Regardless of the style, Maria maintains a strong research practice to inform her illustrations. She is excited to contribute her work to the Cornell Lab for a range of projects such as membership products, academic figures, Living Bird magazine, and Birds of the World. Maria strongly believes in the value of art in fostering inclusion in learning environments and as an agent to inspire curiosity and wonder for the natural world.

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