• "Untitled 19" Steatite
  • "And Still A Woman" Limestone
  • "Communion" Painted Bronze Chess Set
  • "My Spirit ... Denied" Mixed mediums on paper
  • "Windows ... Changes" Mixed mediums on paper
  • "The Lost Forest on Ring Neck Snake Road ... Reaching" 7 Mixed Mediums on Bristol Board
  • "The Lost Forest on Ring Neck Snake Road ... Shadows"6 Mixed Mediums on Bristol Board
  • "The Lost Forest on Ring Neck Snake Road ... Winter Reign" 5 Mixed mediums on paper
  • Lake Tahoe Public Sculpture
  • "Body Parts on Fire ... Her Breast" Steatite, Glass & Lite

Movement within/
hidden vistas exposed quietly/
anger not violence


Visual creations the eye walks through … your mind begins a change of direction as layers within grow.

… artwork that remains with the viewer like the sound of wind in winter,
like the crash of a tree falling in the forest,
like the verbal response coming a day too late.

Working through years of observing, experiencing with responsibility
have churned MCC art towards different focuses.

How to respond to 9/11?
A marble woman hiding her face in her skirt….

What to say about a church whose teachers abuse their trusting wards?
“Communion ” & Communion II” . a bronze chess set & paintings that mirror the power & terror within this male power structure

How to visually speak of a forest cut down & invaded by humankind?
“The Lost Forest on Ring Snake Road …” painting series
Have Lake Tahoe turn into a signed granite boulder Public Art work
Realize a failed accepted Peace Park/Sculpture Garden
The first in the U.S. designed by a woman, & failed by the recession of 1985

A Feminist, Yes.
A Woman, Yes.
An Artist, first & foremost
each day of her life
here on Carolyn Mt.

“I make art to yell,
sigh with a voice that pulls you to look more closely …
have you say softly, ” I have felt like that, I have wondered about that,
I will remember that,

I, as Woman, have been there
I, as Woman must walk here

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