Barbara Milman

  • Coral Ghosts: Digital artist book with case.
  • Coral Ghosts: Mixed media.
  • Now or Never: Mixed media print.
  • Adventure Vacation: Mixed media print.
  • Coral Reef Wonderland: Mixed media print.
  • Undersea Paradise: Mixed media print.
  • Danger (Endangered) Zones: Linocut.
  • Exploring the Coral Reefs: Artist book (digital & linocut).
  • Oil Spill: Digital accordion artist book with case.
  • Coral Ghosts: Digital artist book with case.

Barbara Milman makes prints, artist books, and mixed media art. Her work currently addresses issues of climate change, in particular on what is happening to the coral reefs, which are bleaching and dying at an alarming rate from a combination of warming and acidification of the oceans. Scientists have predicted that corals may become extinct within this century if greenhouse gases continue to accumulate in the atmosphere at the current rate.  Other marine life is also in danger.

She has exhibited her work in over 25 solo exhibitions and hundreds of group shows throughout the United States. Her handmade artist books can be found in the collections of Stanford, Yale, the Getty Museum, the Chicago Art Institute,  the Cleveland Art Institute, UC Berkeley, UCLA, UC Davis, and many other universities and museums. Her work is included in The Best of Printmaking: An International Collection (1997).  She has won many awards, including the National Association of Women Artists’ Medal of Honor &  Elizabeth Morse Genius Award, and a fellowship at the Kala Art Institute in Berkeley.  She is a past president of the California Society of Printmakers.

Barbara Milman received her BA from Harvard College, and a  JD from the Columbia University School of Law. For many years she combined an art career with the practice of law.  She focused on social justice issues in both careers.  Since 1994 she has been a full time artist. She lives and works in the San Francisco Bay Area.

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