Maternal Mitochondria

Maternal Mitochondria is a mother-daughter collaborative duo composed of writer Miriam Sagan and interdisciplinary artist Isabel Winson-Sagan. Lately they have been working on the themes of anxiety and climate change, particularly through their new land art installation “Desiccation: Dormancy: Deluge.” The project is located in Santa Fe, NM, where the threats of forest fire and drought are ever-present. They’ve also created several eco-arts community installations together, experimenting with art and poetry in a way that lies gently on the land and eventually dissolves into nothing. They strive to be environmentally conscious in their work, utilizing recycled materials, trash, and anti-capitalist performance. Individually, Isabel uses the patterns created by nature in her work, particularly water and mycology. Miriam’s collection Seven Places in America includes residencies in the Everglades National Park, Petrified Forest National Part, Andrews Experimental Forest, THE LAND/an art site, and Stone Quarry Art Park.

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    • Santa Fe, NM
      US - Mountain

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