Monika Teal

  • JUSTIFIED. mixed media. 40cm X100cm X 20cm
  • TEMPTATION. mixed media40cm x 18cm x 16cm
  • mixed media, plaster, horns, glass eyes, beads
  • HOWLING WOLF, mixed media,
  • SNAKE 12x10x6" cast plaster and snakeskin and carved wooden snake
  • THE WILD mixed media 12x10x7"
  • life size, plaster cast face MEMORIES with crocheted fabric 18x10x6"
  • ARTIST AND HER DOG oil on canvas 32x28"
  • FULL LIGHT oil on linen 50x80cm

Monika Teal works from a cross cultural background, allegorical in origin, but with frozen moments that connect to spirit,magic and nature. The combination of old world and new world
heritages have had a profound effect on her art.
Teal has received numerous awards and honors and has exhibited widely in galleries and museums in the United States as well as in Europe. She currently lives and works in a studio in Bern, Switzerland and Kansas City, Kansas.

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  • Artist Info

    • Bern, Switzerland, KS
    • 41 079 286 9858

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