Nicole Dextras

  • View, large ice text on the shores of Lake Ontario.
  • Desire, diptych. Text made from ice.
  • The Mobile Garden Dress, part of the Urban Foragers series. Skirt contains 40 pots of edible plants and converts into a shelter
  • The Nomadik Harvest Dress, part of the Urban Foragers series. Camping in her dress, cooking Chollas in the New Mexico desert
  • Laurel Suffragette questions a store clerk about factory conditions
  • The Blackberry Platform Sandal, accessories for the Weedrobes series.
  • Mongolian Woman. Felt from a yurt and model in Gobi Desert
  • Living grass word situated in an area of the city with disputed land claims.

Nicole Dextras is an environmental artist working in a multitude of media including sculpture, interactive public installation and photography. Dextras is a graduate of the Emily Carr University of Art in Vancouver, BC, where she has been a sessional teacher since 2003. She has exhibited extensively in the USA and Canada and has participated in two international Land Art symposiums: Land Art 360Ëš Mongolia, situated in the Gobi Desert in 2010 and the Land Art Festival of New Mexico in 2009. Dextras’ work explores the temporary and the transient through reference to language and the body. She examines the concept of time through her ephemeral works while also addressing the social and environmental implications of living in urban spaces.

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    • Vancouver,
      North America(not US)

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